Welcome to the P.R.A.Y. online store

Welcome to the P.R.A.Y. Webstore. Our store offers curriculum, awards, and resources to further our mission of Building Faith in Youth. Our store has two kinds of products: a) those that you can purchase in any quantity simply by clicking “add to cart,” and b) awards that require you to “Register Youth” before ordering, and which limit the quantity that can be ordered. Please note: “Register Youth” is done AFTER the youth have completed the requirements for his/her grade and have completed the final review with clergy.


Effective March 23, 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, P.R.A.Y. is open, but operating on a limited schedule and with minimal staff.  Our current shipping policy remains in effect, but staff will not be available after shipping for that day.  Shipping is still responsive and all orders in the system by 8 a.m. CDT will ship that business day.  We will do our best to respond to phone calls while working remotely, but the most effective method to reach us is via email to info@praypub.org.    Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Blessings on your ministry.


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