Order Instructions

Our store has two kinds of products: a) those that you can purchase in any quantity simply by clicking “add to cart,” and b) awards that require you to “register youth” before ordering, and which limit the quantity that can be ordered.

  • Order booklets according to the child's religion and grade level. 
  • Booklets must be completed before ordering any awards.
  • Do not register children when starting a program (“Youth Registration” is for after the requirements have been completed).
  • Wait until after the final review by the clergy before registering youth and ordering their awards.
  • Each child receiving a P.R.A.Y. Program or Faith Partner emblem must be registered.
  • Do not register adult Counselors or adult Mentors. Counselor and Mentor items can be ordered without a registration.
  • Add a new registration for each new level a child completes.
  • Your cart will count a registration, including items ordered for that child, as 1 item in the cart.
  • Please explain any unusual circumstances of your order in the notes at the bottom of your cart before checkout. Orders containing books and awards for the same program level will be held as well as orders with a child being registered for more than one level at the same time.
  • If you complete an online registration, you do not need to mail in the completed application forms.