Wind of the Spirit Patch

  • This patch is part of the “Bible Basics RP3” Series and may be earned by children, youth, and adults.
  • This 3 inch embroidered patch may be worn on the back of the vest or sash or as a temporary patch. 
  • The patch is a visual reminder of the 3 Bible stories associated with this theme:
    • Creation: Wind from God - "From the very beginning of creation, God has been present filling the world with the wind of the Spirit. The comforting news is tht God was present, still is present, and always will be present to us."
    • Elijah and the Gentle Whisper - "God comes to us sometimes in unexpected ways."
    • Jesus Stills a Storm - "Remember that Jesus is with us even in scary times to remind us to have fiath in him."
  • Wear this patch to let others know that you’re a proud student of Holy Scripture!
  • Use this patch as a prompt to review past lessons! 

    For more information including free curriculum downloads visit www.praypub.org/rp3.

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