Tents and Shelters Patch

  • This patch is part of the “Bible Basics RP3” Series and may be earned by children, youth, and adults.
  • This 3 inch embroidered patch may be worn on the back of the vest or sash or as a temporary patch. 
  • The patch is a visual reminder of the 3 Bible stories associated with this theme:
    • Tent of Meeting - "Come away and draw close to God. Having a place set apart for regular meeting wtih God is important."
    • The Festival of Booths - "God commands us to remember tough times and to celebrate with joy how God always provides for us."
    • Tent Maker Paul - "Our everyday living is important to God. Working and making a livelihood is part of worship and ministry."
  • Wear this patch to let others know that you’re a proud student of Holy Scripture!
  • Use this patch as a prompt to review past lessons! 

    For more information including free curriculum downloads visit www.praypub.org/rp3.

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