God & Family Student Workbook (Grades 4-6)

The God and Family program will help children (grades 4-6) understand the importance of family and God’s role in a healthy family. Children will compare families and "pizza," and they will make a pizza as they study how families can grow together in God’s love.

  1. CRUST-FOUNDATION – We are God’s Family
  2. SAUCE – Family Heritage, Spiritual Heritage
  3. TOPPINGS – Our Talents and Gifts Strengthen Our Families
  4. CHEESE – In God’s Family We’re Loved No Matter What! Because We’re Loved, We Follow Rules
  5. BAKE – Being in God’s Family Helps Us When Things Are Tough
  6. EAT, SHARE, ENJOY! – In God’s Family, We Share as a Response to God’s Love

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