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Birds of the Air – Activities & Resources (shared by Haley)

2 years ago
We did the popcorn toss activity, but instead of the paper plane fliers we watched a video on how eagles fly (I wanted them to SEE how truly effortless eagles fly) filmed by the BBC and played Bird Bingo.  I really liked that on the back of each “calling card” there is a bunch of interesting information about that particular bird. Instead of making messy pinecone bird feeders (I didn’t think our classroom host would have appreciated the bird seed), we painted small bird houses for our feathered friends (see photo).  My girls love to paint.  While they were painting I played the song "Sparrows" by Jason Gray for them.  Songs have a lovely way of delivering a message...often time better than I can.
I also passed out Back Yard Birding journals for each girl that I found a PDF for on the internet.  It had pictures of American birds that the girls could color and take notes about their findings.