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RP3 Best Practices - Shared by AHG Troop Shepherds

2 years ago
AHG Troop CA7416
Shared by Monica Moniz

“Our Troop Shepherd leads the lessons for each age group every-other meeting for three months. Then, on the opposite meeting, Unit Leaders lead follow-up discussions with their group of girls.”

AHG Troop FL8811
Shared by Paula Winstead

“This year, we have girls who are old enough to take turns teaching the RP3 lessons to the younger girls. The last Monday night of each month, they do one lesson. I went with the pins because they take up much less space on their vests and sashes.”

AHG Troop NM2206
Shared by Vivian Morgan

“I use the RP3 lessons for devotions with the Troop, but then I assemble individual packets with the materials needed for each girl to complete the activities at home.” Check out Vivian’s “Birds of the Air" packet and the “Tents and Shelters” packet .

AHG Troop OK3411
Shared by Laura Siaby

“I am the Troop Shepherd for AHG3411.  [Our leadership] wanted to incorporate the RP3 patches into the AHG badge work rather than me allotting a day a month to go through them with me. I would like to use our Tenderhearts as a successful example of how they incorporated it into the program. The first badge work they started the year with was Architecture. So they started the meeting with going through the RP3 Boulder work. The leaders were able to introduce Architecture with the Bible.  It has also sparked many deep conversations at the beginning of each meeting to better help and understand where each girl is at.”

AHG Troop OR3130
Shared by Krissy Richardson

“Currently we are taking the three stories of each badge (over three weeks) and doing the Read/Picture/Ponder requirements as our devotional at the start of the meeting. Parents and kids can then choose to do the remaining requirements [the “Put It Into Action” portion] as a family to earn the badge.” Click to see the modified version of the requirements that are sent home and the Facebook reminders posted on the troop page for The Good Book patch as well as the Birds of the Air patch.