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Increasing religious awareness in my Troop (shared by Van)

2 years ago
I'm trying to increase religious awareness within my troop.  As part of that, I'm focusing on three areas.

1.  I delivered a presentation to the scouts on the BSA Religious Emblems program and discussed how to scouts can earn those awards.  The praypub.org website has been extremely helpful pulling together presentation and handout information for scouts.  I wasn't aware of the puzzle patch program until I started learning about it myself, but it seemed like a great opportunity to spark interest in these programs, so I'm trying it.  I am planning to continue this as an annual program.

2.  I've also introduced the troop to the Chaplain Aide position and responsibilities of that position, resulting in the recruitement of 2 new Chaplain Aides for the troop.  I've been working with them to define where they can integrate into troop events using prayer, scripture, stories, songs, etc.  I hope to have the Chaplain Aides take over an annual presentation for religious emblems going forward.  

3.  I will also be putting together a religious diversity presentation / event for our troop to help our scouts learn about other religions that are in our neighborhood as well.  I will primarily be working with the Pastor of our chartering church to coordinate this, but I will be looking for additional information as well.  If I can find any additional detail on praypub.org, that would be helpful.
I'm interested in any information that you have to share on how others are promoting Duty to God as well.