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RP3 Girl Scout Religious Encampment - Shared by Susan Lawyer

3 years ago
[Shared by Susan Lawyer, UMC Scouting Ministry Specialist]

Twenty-three Girl Scouts from grades Kindergarten through 10th grade (and their Moms!) participated in a My Promise, My Faith encampment earning both their Girl Scout pin and “The Good Book” Bible Patch from P.R.A.Y.  The weekend included an optional overnight event on Friday to pitch tents and enjoy mother/daughter games and activities, and the actual program was led on Saturday.

The program was a unique combination of the Girl Scout “My Promise, My Faith” pin and the “Bible Basics RP3” patch series. The program outline was created by P.R.A.Y. to provide churches with a resource to work with the Girl Scouts. The template combined “Respect Authority” line of the GS Law and “The Good Book” patch. Moms and daughters were divided into 3 groups and worked through the patch requirements. Here are some of the highlights:

•  The opening was in a large group format. Speakers included the ministry director of The Vineyard (a local women’s ministry center) and a female High School teacher / Girl Scout leader who spoke on “respecting authority.”
•  The participants were divided into 3 groups (with different ages and Scout levels) and one of the adults was appointed to be the group facilitator/time keeper. The groups rotated through the 3 stations to complete the requirements for the 3 Bible stories.
•  Each station had activities appropriate for different ages since the girls were from K-10th grade, e.g. cup stacking games for the New Testament books, flash cards, and Bible books songs.
•  At the station where the girls made their posters, the Moms wrote letters to their daughters.
•  The final wrap-up was another large group session for the girls to present the posters they made and share what they learned.

The program outline can be found in the resource library:

2 years ago
The Christian Protestant Committee of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri did a similar event combining "My Promise, My Faith" and the Bible Basics RP3 patch. It was a morning workshop for girls and their moms. For more details, click to see photos or download their schedule of activities.